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Top Guns Workin The Wind

  • Hips- OFA Excellent
  • Elbows- OFA Normal
  • Eyes- OFA Normal
  • EIC- Clear
  • CNM- Clear

Breeze comes from some of the best lines available and her pedigree is a must see. Sired by FC AFC Tealcreeks Patton Saber who was a 3X  Double header winner, 2X National finalist, 2013 High point amateur dog and  collected more than 200 all age points in his career. If you look at her pedigree you will see many dogs with similar accomplishments, Breeze is a great marking dog and naturally holds very straight lines to her birds. She runs great blinds and is very biddable, she has never had any tendency to lose control on her blinds.  Breeze has always been highly intelligent and a fast learner, she earned her first Senior Hunter pass at only 15 months old.