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Our goal

Our goal here at top Gun Retrieverz is to breed the highest quality Labrador Retriever puppies possible. Starting with health clearances all of our dogs have Hips and elbows certified with the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) also have certified eyes with the OFA and also checked and cleared for inheritable diseases prevalent in labs such as EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse), and CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy). Also we look for dogs that come from the absolute best pedigrees in the country ensuring these dogs will perform in any venue and excel in the hunting blind. We also run our dogs in hunt tests and field trials attaining titles to show they are still carrying on the great genetics from the stock they came from. Give us a call to see if we currently have puppies for sale.


These dogs are a part of our family

We have a kennel here and almost 8 acres for these dogs to enjoy but all of these dogs are a part of our family and raised in the house. Some live in the house with us full time  and some part time but all of them spend time curled up with us on the couch and we wouldn't have it any other way. 


Where it all began

In the fall of 1996  a neighbor invited me to go duck hunting with him and his trusty black lab named Doc who was his field trial dog, and I jumped at the opportunity. A little while into the hunt on the snake river in southeastern Idaho a flock of mallards came cupped into the decoys, in my first attempt I dropped a hen Mallard. Tom stood up and  firmly said "DOC". Doc quickly jumped into the icy river and retrieved the bird returning to Toms side and delivering the bird to his hand. I was sold, I instantly wanted a dog of my own and I wanted to absorb as much knowledge as possible to train my dog to this level. Within a few months I had my own dog Duke. I found any and all training material I could find and began the journey of training and sculpting my own dog until I had a dog to be proud of. Duke and I spent the next 9 years together hunting every bird we could find as often as we could.  Several years later after Duke has passed away I decided I would like to get another dog, and I got another male black lab named Gunnar, after remembering how much I enjoyed training dogs I decided to get a second dog and then another  and another, and here we are now training and running these dogs in hunt tests and filed trials and spending too much time and money on this crazy hobby and having a blast.

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